Family violence

Wesley is committed to communities free of family violence. We have two programs that provide safe and sustainable housing support for women and children affected by family violence.

Housing Connect

Housing Connect is a partnership program between Wesley and the Safe Futures Foundation that assists women and women with children who have experienced family violence to obtain safe and affordable housing outcomes.

The program focuses on supporting women and women with children to remain safe in their home and community, and where this is not possible assists them to relocate and link to another community. Clients are supported to explore housing options such as safety upgrades, private rental and public and social housing applications.

A dedicated housing advocate delivers a holistic case coordinated response to clients, in collaboration with Safe Futures. This includes specialist housing information, tenant advocacy and support, rental information, access to brokerage including start-up costs and support to maintain or establish an affordable tenancy in the private rental market.

Housing Connect works with women and children wishing to remain in their own community but unable to remain safely in their home. This support is available on entry into emergency or crisis accommodation, or while residing in temporary housing due to family violence.

Access to this program is via the Safe Futures Family Violence Service.

Men's family violence program

This program provides crisis accommodation and follow up information, support and referral for men who have been issued with a Family Violence safety notice and removed from the home by Victoria Police.

Referrals to this program are made by Victoria Police.