Eastern homelessness network

The Eastern Homelessness Network is a central resource and advocate for the homelessness support services sector in the eastern region of Melbourne.

The Network coordinator position is auspiced by Wesley Mission Victoria and based in our Ringwood office. Their role and responsibilities is guided by a governance group made up of key local homeless support service agencies and chaired by Wesley.

The coordinator provides information, support and resources to local homelessness support services, with regard to the range and provision of programs available to respond to homelessness and family violence.  They convene and facilitate cross sector linkages and the dissemination of information, regular forums, surveys and training sessions.

The Network coordinator also advocates on behalf of the sector and people experiencing homelessness through participation in regular meetings and advisory groups within the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Council to Homeless Persons, Victorian Women’s Refuge, Domestic Violence Services and Youth Advisory Council Victoria.

Visit the Eastern Homelessness Network online

Visit ehn.org.au for more information on the Network including latest news, upcoming events, sector training opportunities and other useful resources.